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If it’s your first time here, WELCOME! We’re so happy you found us. First things first, go get yourself a pass to attend! You can choose from the selections below. Once you have purchased it, go and book a class for yourself!

These passes are all good for all classes, either online or in studio (when we open again!)

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31 classes a week and some are now using our new 3D dual camera setup! A must try!

If you are joining online you’ll meet us on our Zoom Yoga Channel – 480 676 9642

Got your pass purchased? Go sign up for a class and then meet us at our Zoom Yoga Channel 480 676 9642

Once you have signed up for a class you can just head on over to your Zoom App and login into our channel! The ‘front desk staff’ will double check your registration and then let you into class when the teacher is all ready for you!

Come join us in a great, interactive way to keep the body moving and the breathing flowing with your fam, friends & pets! It’s also helping us provide an income for over 10 people at One Tribe during this time, thank you for your support!

Quarantining us won’t hold us back from staying healthy, strong and supportive!

We’ve accepted life’s non-warning of change, and converted our classes to an online format to give you the very best that a screen to screen experience can give you! Combining Zoom and Mindbody we’ve created an easy way for you to attend, schedule and pay for your favorite weekly classes from the teachers you know and love at One Tribe Yoga & Wellness and help to continue supporting this family owned studio!

Below is our online streaming class schedule that gives you a chance each day to enjoy a certain style of yoga throughout the week and into the weekend! All of our teachers are stepping up huge to keep serving and bringing you the beautiful, healing gifts that yoga and meditation can bring! See you soon! If you run into any glitches along the try our support page here.

Thanks for being patient with us as we transition into this new, interactive way to connect with you and the tribe on a more regular basis once again. It’s been too long already!

For a limited time we’re going circulate a few of our favs here for you, free of charge. It’s our gift to you during these rough waters we’re all facing together. We are after all, ONE TRIBE CALLED HUMAN. It’ll warm our heart just to know that you got a chance to move and breathe with some people who love to share it!

SLOW FLOW w/ Marie

This slow.but strong class will get you heated up in no time! You’ll have some chances to learn some classic warm up sequences that you’ll do at your own breath rhythm & then we’ll build a sequence together as a collective group! The of course, some nice resting relaxing stretching at the end : )  Come listen and enjoy Marie’s beautiful guidance here in this 60 minute all levels class!


This 72 minute class is a stronger class that slowly builds into a couple of moments where a cuss word or two may arise! Embrace those moments, for they may cover come again in the same way…

SLOW FLOW w/ Celeste

Enjoy this slow, sensual class were the focus is on breathing and feeling the body expand past it’s normal shape. Using slow movements we’ll begin toning and building heat and a foundation, and then move into a stronger sequence holding the postures together. Wrapping it up with some yummie floor postures where stillness and relaxing into the experience is encouraged. Then take rest.