Jason Zelich

e-RYT500, LMT, Co-owner

Jason’s massage journey

From a background in fine arts, Jason transitioned to massage therapy after teaching yoga. With natural talent and dedication, he co-founded One Tribe, fusing yoga and massage therapy.

Jason’s journey into the wellness industry was far from conventional. While he had a background in fine arts, focusing on sculpting, painting, and illustrating, he found his entry point through teaching yoga. The path to his current role as a co-owner of One Tribe in Tempe, Arizona, was a fascinating evolution.

Jason’s initial foray into wellness came through yoga, a practice that resonated deeply with him. His wife, Kerri, who is also a co-owner of One Tribe, recognized his natural talent for massage therapy. Little did Jason know that his at-home massages for Kerri were secretly preparing him for a new career.

Determined to formalize his skills, Jason embarked on a 750-hour program at SWIHA in Tempe. He honed his craft and expanded his knowledge, all while building a client base within the vibrant yoga community. This was the inception of a remarkable transformation in his life.

As he delved into massage therapy and continued teaching yoga, Jason and Kerri realized that their combined expertise had the potential to create something truly unique. The fusion of yoga and massage therapy, two seemingly distinct worlds, gave birth to One Tribe. Located in Tempe, Arizona, their wellness center became a testament to the power of dedication and the intersection of passion and career.

In this collaborative venture, Jason’s journey from the world of fine arts to the wellness industry had come full circle. His artistic sensibilities and healing hands now played harmoniously in crafting an environment that embraced mind, body, and spirit. The artistry of his past and the nurturing nature of his present had converged to make One Tribe a sanctuary for healing and transformation. Jason’s story is a testament to the profound changes that can occur when one embraces their passions, discovers hidden talents, and dares to merge them into a meaningful vocation.

Jason’s yoga journey

Jason’s journey from addiction to yoga teacher and wellness advocate, alongside his wife, Kerri. A story of healing, balance, and inspiring transformation.

At first, Jason’s connection with yoga was a lifeline—a respite from the shadows of addiction. A weekly Yin yoga class served as the genesis of this incredible odyssey. Soon, he found himself immersed in the practice, thirsting for knowledge. In just three years, he delved into four different yoga teacher trainings, unlocking a passion he never thought possible. It was a radical shift—a plunge into the unknown, guided by newfound sobriety, happiness, and unwavering honesty.

Jason’s transformation became a guiding light for others. He transformed his classes into a canvas of creative sequencing, the rhythms of hip-hop music enveloping his students in its uplifting beats. But what truly set him apart were the stories he wove into his teachings—narratives of resilience and growth, drawn from his own remarkable journey of self-overcoming.

Triathlons became the next chapter in this epic adventure. Jason’s dedication to his wellness journey remained unwavering. His yoga practice had become the foundation for his newfound vigor and resilience. The self-doubt of addiction was replaced by an unshakable belief in his ability to conquer life’s challenges.

In triathlons, Jason discovered a powerful outlet for his transformation. He challenged his body and mind to adapt to the demanding disciplines of swimming, running, and cycling. From sprint distances to half Ironman events, he fearlessly pushed his limits. The upcoming Ironman race loomed as a testament to his remarkable journey.

Jason’s story was a living testament to the power of transformation and resilience. He invited others to share in his odyssey, to discover their inner strength, and to experience the life-changing potential that resided within. He was more than a yoga instructor; he embodied the extraordinary human capacity for growth and personal evolution.

With every class, Jason imparted not only yoga teachings but also the profound wisdom gained from his own life’s trials. He was a living example that with dedication, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to growth, one could overcome even the darkest of pasts and emerge as a victor. His classes were an invitation to unlock the full potential of mind, body, and spirit.

From the serene confines of a yoga mat to the fierce competition of triathlons, Jason’s journey embodied the synergy of healing, strength, and self-realization. His life was a reminder that we are all capable of embracing our own paths of transformation and triumph, just as he had.