“Thanks for kicking my assana!”

This style of vinyasa challenges your comfort zone, often.

We have classes that will rock your world in a deep dark sensual pool of sweat, and we have classes so quiet and slow you’ll think time is standing still just for you. No matter which class you roll your mat out in in, rest assured it’s specifically designed to maximize your chances of not being a cranky face when you leave hahaha!

Drop-in Class

Purchased in advance or day of, this pass gets you into one of 4o classes per week either in the cozy studio or at the park for outdoor classes!


Virtual Class

Purchased in advance or day of, this pass gets you into one of 4o classes per week pumping live from the studio through Zoom to where you are on this planet! Come join the fun and say hi to your fellow tribe members through the cameras!


Class Packages

Et viola, les packages!

10 Classes : $174

($17.40 per class)  BUY NOW

25 Classes : $390

($15.60 per class)  BUY NOW

50 Classes : $690

($13.80 per class)  BUY NOW


We offer 2 kinds of monthly memberships to best suit your frequency, budget & preferences! They are both are all-access yoga memberships that include: IN STUDIO CLASSES, ONLINE CLASSES & PARK YOGA CLASSES!

Unlimited Membership

This is your best option if you plan to practice 2-3 times a week. In addition to our beautiful in person yoga studio classes you will also have access to our livestreamed classes & all our outdoor classes in the park! This comes with free guest passes so you can bring any first timers to the Tribe with you as often as you would like!


Are you a School Teacher or still in school yourself? We have a special $79 Unlimited Yoga membership just for you! Come in to take your first class and let us sign you up in person for this amazing offering!

4x/month Membership

This is a great starter option if you’re just getting started or unable to make it more often. If you happen to exceed your 4 allowed classes per month, you’ll simply be charged your discounted rate of $14.75 per class! This membership is good for in-studio, online and in the park classes & resets each month.


Virtual Membership

If yoga from home or from afar is your best option, then we have created a great deal here to help you stay consistent with your practice. This membership gives you access to our complete online schedule of classes ranging from 5:30am until 7:30pm on most days (weekends don’t run as late, but we’re still 7 days a week, don’t worry!)