luxury comfort meets world class experience.

Our 10 layered tables of cushion, double layered walls, ceiling and carpeted floors will ensure your time here is secluded, nurturing & unforgettable.

Relaxation Therapies

We strive to make your stay here as soothing on your nervous system as it is on your soreness or agitation. Using soothing music, comfy tables and essential oils on request, we bring over 50 years of combined experience to your customized relaxation session sending you away more supple than when you came in.

Deep Tissue Therapies

Not all sore muscles respond the same, so when the client is willing and able, we can add deeper pressure to the areas in need to help you release tension and help create circulation through the entire body, helping to heal and replenish. Simply ask for deeper pressure during your customized massage.

Cupping Therapy

Originally designed for pulling viruses to move from the lungs to the lymph system, this Asian therapy has now become a leading reliver in stressed muscles and stiff joints! It’s pulling power moves blood and fluids through tissues in new ways which can instantly provide relief from overused areas and stubborn tightness!

Thai Body & Foot

Think about this one, your entire body weight goes onto each foot every time you take a step, if your feet, ankles and calves aren’t free from stiffness all that discomfort you’re feeling above them, can easily be a result of compensation in an effort to keep your head level! Feet tend to get the least attention in a massage so this session, is all about them! Treat yourself to this treatment with our foot specialist Jason next time you come in!

Vibration Massage

Tapotement is an ancient muscle relaxing technique that is making a huge comeback thanks to powerful professional tools like the ones we use here at One Tribe. Traditionally done with the hands in rapid succession, we now have a much more effective way to create circulation in almost any spot on the body!

FST Stretching

Fascial Stretch Therapies is a locally created technique that Marie has been training in for over 2 years now! It’s an effective way to stretch and move the body to release stuck patterns found in the fascia in the body, a connective tissue that holds everything in place and allows it to move freely. You’ll feel like a pro athlete getting stretched out for the big game!

book any of these modalities at your next customized massage session!