Getting outside in nature plays a huge role in a balanced lifestyle and mind so we try to do it often! We have an awesomely growing community that gathers and gets outside to put their breathing practice too the test, while taking in the beauty that is Arizona landscape! Jump on our Facebook Group and meet more like minded individuals, post pics, and propose hikes yourself! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Current Schedule


Every Saturday through the end of the year, we’re meeting at the Echo Canyon trail head at 5:15 am. We’ll begin the climb at 5:30 sharp and it’s advised to bring a headlamp as it’s still dark at that time!  The pace is around 40 minutes to the top and sometimes we break off into slower and faster groups as we go up, we always wait at the top for everyone and watch the sun rise, do some yoga poses or whatever, and then head down as a group!

Please bring plenty of water and wear good grippy shoes!