Included with a Free Consultation, this introductory period allows you to try out each of our offerings in the yoga program. With almost 45 classes a week it can take a little time to figure out your groove and which classes are going to best serve you on your journey.

Sit with the founders Jason or Kerri and talk about your goals and what brought you to One Tribe. We’ll support you each week and work out any kinks that try and get in the way of your healing routine! Along the way we’ll fine tune a combination of classes that make sense and work towards getting you on the mat multiple times a week and closer to your destination up ahead!

If played right, these first 30 days could change your life! It will give you enough time to shake free of some old habits, forge in some new ways of thinking and get a feel for how we teach here. You’ll meet some amazing, funny and extremely supportive people along the way that will continue to support you as well.

What happens after my first month of yoga classes?

We’re glad you asked!

Once the first 30 days are up, you’ll be conveniently grandfathered into our monthly membership. You’ll receive unlimited classes of yoga each month for only $99 and you can cancel at any time*.

When you’re ready to sign up and begin your yoga journey, take a deep breath, and click here.

Free Consultation Sit Down

We’ll use these 15 minutes to explain our program, our classes and all the opportunities you’ll have to embark on a stronger, more leaner and flexible you!

schedule your free appointment now.
(NOTE: This is only for those who have purchased the New Student Program, otherwise it will not let you sign up.)

waivers, everyone’s doin’ it.

All new students coming for their first time are required to fill out our liability waiver please. You can use the link below and get it out of the way now, or come on in a little early, and we’ll hook you up here, no problemo!

* To cancel the membership simply write an email to within 3 days of the end of your billing cycle.
NOTE: All charged accounts are non-refundable