From Busy to Blissful: Your Two-Week yoga Transformation Awaits.

we’ve been waiting for you…

Stepping into One Tribe Yoga & Wellness, you’re greeted by more than just a studio; it’s a sanctuary where every breath guides you closer to the serenity and strength you’ve been seeking. Amidst life’s endless juggle, finding time for yourself seems like a distant dream, but here, we understand and honor your journey. Whether it’s through a soothing yoga flow, a restorative massage, or the camaraderie of our community, you’ll find the space to heal, grow, and thrive.

At One Tribe Yoga & Wellness, your wellness journey is our priority, and we’re committed to walking beside you, at your pace, towards a brighter, more balanced you.


We welcome you with open arms here to south Tempe’s very own Yoga & Massage Wellness destination. This journey is not one to take lightly, but know that we’re here to help you every step, every breath along the way! One Tribe yoga is here to ignite the fire in you, heal that which is ready to heal, and regain your range of motion back. Our styles here will invite you dig a little deeper, to listen a little more intently, and to be present more often. Your journey starts here, and we’re here to guide you back into the person you have been waiting to re-ignite!

nurturing massages in a quiet sanctuary

Not all bodies are created equal, which is why none of our approaches to your unique body are going to be the same. We have over 50 years experience between our few therapists here so no matter what you bring us, we’ve got moves for that. Our massage tables wrap you up in 10 layers of comfort dropping you into a relaxation like you’ve never experienced, before the massage even starts. Our double insulated walls, and fully carpeted rooms ensure that your experience with us will leave you realizing just how noisy the outside world really is. Come experience why our massage program is the finest in the valley!

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The minute you walk through the doors, you’ll feel welcome

From the front desk staff, to the teachers to the most open and kind owners. Once in the yoga studio, you will notice how impeccably clean it is, how there is no right or wrong to yoga, teachers are supportive, empowering and there to assist your practice.

If you have been practicing for years One Tribe will elevate the yoga experience as you know it. If you’re brand new to yoga One Tribe will open your body and mind like you never thought possible!

The lack of mirrors and dim lights really help me to focus on listening

This is the best yoga studio around! I’ve been coming here on and off since they opened four years ago. All of the teachers are incredible at what they do. I’m a big fan of their Hot Vinyasa classes, the lack of mirrors and dim lights really help me to focus on listening carefully to the instructors and focusing on my body in space. I also feel that the heat isn’t too much to handle.

The owners, Jason and Kerri, are super welcoming and are awesome teachers and you can tell they love this community with all their hearts.

I’ve tried multiple studios and this one is really something special!

Finding One Tribe has been like a breath of fresh air. This place truly is a community of people coming together to meet you right where you’re at in life. From day one I felt accepted, seen, challenged, and encouraged. If you’re considering trying them out, stop thinking and just go. I’ve tried multiple studios and this one is really something special. I promise you won’t regret giving them a shot!

The classes are unique and inviting, no two have ever been the same experience for me.