Let’s take it outdoors!

You asked, and we’re finally delivering!

Just up the road from One Tribe in Tempe is the lovely city park of Kiwanis. You’ll find us there during the week and on the weekends as well on this lovely patch of earth overlooking the lovely lake that reflects our lovely sky in Arizona!

Yoga @ Kiwanis Park, Tempe

If you aren’t familiar with the park, it’s located in between Guadalupe and Baseline Rd, just west of Rural Rd. Click here for a map of where we’ll doing hosting the class and  where to park! Bring a yoga mat, towel and plenty of water! There are restrooms & there is plenty of space to stay safe during these times so please know you can control that as much as you need to! The cost of the class is just like a normal in person class, in fact any of the options below will also get you into our in-person  classes at our studio down the street on Warner and Rural! Book your park sessions using the MINDBODY Online scheduler below!

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