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Hey, so we weren’t able to just magically start hosting live videos and recording them from our website, so we’re investing into ways to help that process easier for the both of us : ) In the meantime, these online classes will involve a few unique steps to get your registered and accounted for.


Zoom is the video streaming platform we’re using and the easiest way to start, is to sign up for free here. They will then walk you through the process based on what kind of device you are planning on viewing through. Who knows, maybe we’ll be on your Roku sometime soon!, For now, enjoy the sweet services of Zoom.

Register for your class as you normally would with your membership, class pack, or a drop in.
>>>>  You will receive a text from us before the start of class with the Zoom meeting information.


If you already have either an Unlimited, 8x or 4x a month recurring Membership then you can just start taking classes like you have been, and the system will continue monitoring your attendance! That can be done right through the Mindbody app in your preferred app store. Scroll to the bottom for more details. There are some more goodies in the mix for all active members coming up, but for now, let’s get our yoga on and have some fun!

If you already have a 10, 25 or 50 class pack, those will also get you and/or anyone you want to bring with you and the system will track your attendance accordingly! Also booked through the Mindbody app as a normal class, scroll down if you are new to this : )


If you used the Mindbody app before, with a One Tribe Membership or class packages, then you can continue to do so and your membership will work just like it did then. Thanks for sticking by our side and giving us a chance to continue serving! Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask – email:


Based on how things start trending, there’s a great chance we’ll start producing high quality, fully immersive virtual experiences through a One Tribe On Demand platform so you can take this powerful, ancient technology with you along with your new age technology. Coming soon.