ONE TRIBE is happy to offer a full massage therapy schedule as well as bodywork/stretching, cupping and Thai Massage:

Relaxation Massage

Quality time went into ensuring these rooms were creating a cozy environment before the therapist even puts their trained hands on you. With double and triple layered walls, padding carpeting and cozy music, these rooms were built for deep relaxation. 60, 90 & 120 minute sessions available!

What to expect in your session:

Medium Pressure massage with oils on the body, lotion on the feet & a mild focus on areas that aren’t feeling their normal self. Full body massage is typically recommended to get the full relaxation benefits out of your session. If specific areas are requested only or different techniques required, then a therapeutic upgrade maybe be suggested.

Therapeutic Massage

When there are patterns in the body, or a chronic pain that hasn’t loosened it’s grip, we are asked to dig a little deeper into our knowledge base as licensed therapists. These sessions usually focus on specific areas, may call for deeper than normal pressure or even trigger point tools or even cupping techniques. 60, 90 & 120 minute sessions available!

What to expect in your session:

Alot more dialog and possibly interaction from you, so that we can target limited range of motion, resistance from tight muscles and start to investigate more about what’s going on. Along with diving deeper into our knowledge base of education, we may even employ tools (trigger point, fascia release, cupping, etc) to help us unblock what’s been keeping you from feeling more free.

Thai Full Body Massage

This clothed modality is more of movement and stretching based therapy done on the floor on a special thai massage mat. The 2 hour protocol has been nicknamed “lazy man’s yoga” in Bankok which is where this traditional style of massage originates from. The rhythmic nature of this modality can cause some relaxation but it’s been known to ‘wake things up’ with it’s rigorous movements and pressure points. You’ll be ready to move after this one!

What to expect in your session:

More range of motion movement than a normal massage. You’ll be prone (face down), supine (face up), lying on both sides as well as seated! You’ll keep your clothes on for this one, so wear something comfortable enough to allow for the movement this massage induces.