did you come to sweat…stretch…or both?

Our all levels flow classes share blends of traditional sequences accompanied by rich music. You’ll just want to decide how much you want to sweat and move, or how still and quiet you wish to become & then find the perfect class for you.

Hot Vinyasa

These breath & movement centered classes will leave you feeling thoroughly detoxified, light and free. This class progressively challenges you first starting with very traditional sequences, then moving towards more dynamic & complex sequences all tied together with rhythmic breathing techniques and fluidity in the body.

Classes are heated to 95+ with infrared heat… just enough to get you hot, sweaty and bendy. Influenced by upbeat, carefully curated music, in a dim room, the space is set for a powerful, inward journey.

• Challenging
• Fast-paced
• Edgy
• Fun

Slow Flow

Slow Flow is the opportunity to build strength, balance & flexibility with a slower, mindful vibe to feel deeper and find your Zen.

Classes are heated to 85+ with radiant heat, intended to warm your joints and mildly detoxify your body. Practice is held in a dim room to encourage inward focus and influenced by slower, sensual music. This is perfect for those who are in need of a slower paced class.

Slow Flow + Stretch adds 15 minutes of Yin / Stretching to the end of the class. 75 minute class.

• Fluid
• Moving meditation
• Healing
• Grounded

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is a traditional practice using breath and yoga postures to build strength, flexibility and vibrancy. Ashtanga is a set sequence of postures that gets repeated each time you take class, so you will slowly start to memorize the sequence and breaths associated with them.

Practice is held in a quiet, warm room and followed by an optional meditation.

• Disciplined
• Empowering
• Lineage-based
• Transformative

Candlelight Yin / Stretch

The Yin practice creates balance by mindfully placing the body in postures and allowing gravity to create the opening and release of the body’s deep connective tissues through the power of time (up to 5-10 minutes per pose).

Practice is held in a warm, dim room with calming, ambient music.

• Relaxing
• Peaceful
• Inner quiet
• Meditative

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